Constanza Ontiveros Valdés

Exhibition View. Nice is different than good. Credit: David Akerman

Nice is different than good, the new exhibition of New York artist Gregory Uzelac, uncovers one of the main traits of our society: how one looks is more important than our actions and intentions. Through the gestural, colorful, seemingly abstract, and sometimes challenging mix-media works now on display at The Art Syndicate Gallery in Sydney, Uzelac explores the complexities of contemporary culture and analyzes how our identities are based on the perfect image we want to portray of ourselves to the world.

The 21 paintings included in Uzelac´s first solo exhibition in Australia make us remember that…

Constanza Ontiveros Valdés

Constanza Ontiveros Valdés, has a Ph.D. in Art History. She frequently writes about art and culture, and is an avid researcher.

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